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How to use ton bag packaging machine?

How to use ton bag packaging machine?

How to trouble shooting?
After the ton bag packaging machine is installed at the user, whether the operator operates correctly is crucial to the service life of the equipment in the future. For this reason, the operator must use the ton bag packaging machine correctly in strict accordance with the user manual of the ton bag packaging machine. In addition Also pay attention to the following points:
1. After installing the equipment, fix the equipment with expansion screws, and connect the power cord and gas pipeline reliably. No-load test drive, can be used after correct.
2. Equipment maintenance personnel should regularly add lubricating oil to the reducer, bearings and other parts that need to be lubricated. Periodically inspect the equipment for loose fasteners.

How to use ton bag packaging machine
3. The air source pressure should be stable, and the air source gas should be clean and dry, and the user air source should have an oil mist filter device to ensure that the compressed air contains oil mist for the lubrication of the cylinder and ensure the service life of the pneumatic components.
4. The equipment should be used indoors, and electrical components, motors, etc. should not be splashed with water. Cylinders, buttons, sensors, etc. cannot be artificially added with dust, particles and other dirt to avoid equipment damage.
5. The operating voltage of the equipment is 380V and 220V, and the operator must be trained before operating.

The ton bag packaging machine has become an indispensable packaging equipment for chemical, mining, feed and metallurgy, which effectively reduces the labor input of the factory and improves the work efficiency. During the use of the ton bag packaging machine, some common faults will inevitably occur. The following introduces several common faults and the solutions to analyze the faults.
1. PLC has no input
Solution: whether the data cable plug is loose, replace the controller, replace the data cable.
2. Solenoid valve no signal
Solution: Check whether the electromagnetic head is damaged, whether the PLC has output, and whether the control line is broken.
3. Cylinder stops suddenly
Solution: Check whether the solenoid valve is damaged, whether the cylinder seal is worn, and whether the PLC has output.
4. Out-of-tolerance phenomenon in the packaging process
Solution: Check whether the connection of the sensor is loose, whether it is disturbed by external force, whether there is material blockage in the silo, and whether the valve action is normal.
5. Unstable packaging accuracy.
Solution: Recalibrate.

Post time: Mar-26-2022