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Advantages of high-position palletizers

Advantages of high-position palletizers

The production line can be divided into automatic weighing unit, packaging and sewing unit, automatic bag supply unit, conveying detection unit, palletizing unit (joint robot palletizing, high-position palletizing machine) and other components, which are widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, building materials, Grain, port, logistics and other industries, realize the automation of the whole process of materials from the finished product out of the warehouse to weighing, packaging, testing and palletizing. Operation procedures such as automatic feeding, automatic bag feeding, bagging, weighing, bagging, heat sealing, conveying and shaping, weight detection, metal detection, inspection and screening, inkjet printing, automatic palletizing, etc. are completed in sequence. The entire production line is automatically controlled by intelligent programs, which can realize continuous operation, with fault alarm, display and automatic chain stop functions. It can also be equipped with a communication interface according to user needs to realize real-time monitoring and remote diagnosis of the automatic packaging and palletizing production line. and network management. It has the advantages of high work efficiency, advanced and reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and reliable performance.


The production line is equipped with an advanced manipulator palletizer, which is a replacement product of the traditional palletizer. It has the advantages of small size, small footprint, low operating cost, large production capacity, higher work reliability, and simple program modification, which can adapt to the needs of various packaging bag specifications.

The high-position palletizer produced by Yantai Allok has a simple structure, convenient operation, low failure rate, small footprint, and low maintenance cost. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to purchase. In principle, one palletizer is equipped with one production line, but the output of the two lines is particularly low and less than 20 tons/hour, and one palletizer can be shared but cannot stack packages at the same time. We call it a parallel line. Simple installation and debugging, no on-site production, only two to three days.
Application range of high-position palletizer: suitable for palletizing of bagged items in industries such as grain feed, fertilizer, chemical flour, etc..

1 set of palletizer system to achieve 600-650 bags/hour for feed packaging line (40kg/bag and 20kg/bag);
Factory air pressure is stable (pressure requirement 0.3-0.6MP).

Post time: Mar-26-2022